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Achievement Guide

Track your career achievements

In HuntHelper, tracking your achievements helps you succeed in your career. They show your skills and value to a company. Regularly saving your achievements in HuntHelper provides a useful record of your work for various purposes.

Saving achievements

In your achievement hunt

You can add achievements using the Add Achievement button in your Achievement hunt. You can also use the Add new... button directly from your dashboard. This method allows you to add details to your achievement such as dates and a description. You can also link skills and references to your achievements from this form.

In your resume

You can add achievements directly to your resume in HuntHelper. When creating or editing a resume, you can add achievements to various sections. This links achievements to past jobs, completed education, and projects. Achievements added to a resume will not have the details or skill links as if you added them from the hunt. You can add those details anf links by editing the achievement from your hunt.

Tagging Achievements

Tagging your achievements with skills and references is how you create your Skill Chart, which is used to improve your resume, job interviews, and performance reviews. Refer to the Skill Chart Guides for more details.