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Team Guide

Using HuntHelper with others

Job hunting is easier with a team. Teammates can help discover more job listings, uncover hidden opportunities, and keep you focused on your search. HuntHelper teammates can:

  • Give feedback on your resume
  • Add job listings to your hunt
  • Keep you accountable during your hunt
  • Vouch for your skills to prospective employers

Adding a Teammate

For Hunters

To invite a teammate to a job hunt, go to your Dashboard and use the Invite Teammate button. Enter their name, email, and a message. If you have multiple hunts, select the right one from the dropdown. Click Invite by email to send the invite.

For Teammates

You've been invited to help on someone's hunt. Great! You can help your teammate by adding job listings to their job hunt and leaving suggestions and comments on their resume. You can access the hunts they have added you as a teammate almost as if it were your own hunt. If you don't yet have a HuntHelper account, you can create a free account to help your teammate.

Your Own Hunts

If you already have a HuntHelper account and join a team, you can still use your own hunts alongside your teams'. If you have trouble differentiating your hunts from your team's hunts, you can rename your hunts using the Rename action for the hunts in your Dashboard. When you are viewing a teammate's hunt, a banner will appear in your browser so you know you are not looking at your own hunt.