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Hunts Guide

Containers for your jobs, career achievements, etc.

A Hunt organizes what you send to HuntHelper. For example, a job hunt for your job search, or an achievement hunt for career milestones.

Editing a Hunt

Hunts are named by their type by default. You can rename them for better clarity. For instance, a job hunt could be named after the job type or the year you plan to find a job. To rename a hunt, select Rename from the hunt's Actions dropdown.

Archiving a Hunt

When your job hunt ends successfully, you'll be given the option to archive the job hunt. This happens when you transition any job listing in your hunt to Accept Offer. You will be asked for information about the job, which you can use later in your resume. You can also archive a job hunt manually. Archived hunts and the job listings it containers will no longer send reminders. To archive a job hunt, select Archive from the Actions dropdown. You can view archived hunts by checking Show archived on your dashboard.