HuntHelper Guides

Getting Started

HuntHelper is a career management system designed to work in small steps over a long period of time. Spending as little as 15 minutes a week on your career can lead to big changes down the line. If you follow the HuntHelper method, your career and network will improve little by little, and you’ll start turning success into a habit.

Creating a HuntHelper account

Create a HuntHelper account (a.k.a. "Hunter") by sending an email to When you send the email (it doesn’t matter what you put for the subject and body of the email) you will get an email back. That’s it! Your HuntHelper account will be linked to the email address you sent the getstarted email from. See the Hunter guide for more info on your HuntHelper account.

Getting started with achievements

Save a career achievement by sending an email to Put a one-line summary of the achievement in the email subject (something you would write on your resume.) In the body of the email, write a more detailed description of the achievement, as if you were describing it in a job interview. Include the problems you overcame and what the results were. If you worked with other people, list them as well.

We recommend you write up your most important achievement - something you’re most proud of - for your first achievement saved to HuntHelper. As you add more, week by week, you’ll write out your most important achievement of that week.

When you send the email, you’ll get an email back with a list of your recently saved achievements.

Getting started with networking

Networking is one of the most important features of HuntHelper, and we have some recommendations for the types of people you probably want to have in your network. The most important people in your network will be your inner circle - the people closest to you who will help you with the different stages of your career growth. We recommend adding a close friend or family member who is willing to help you as your first network. Add a teammate by sending an email to your new teammate and add in either the CC or BCC field of the email. Write whatever you would normally write to them in an email. Check out the Networking guide for more details.

Start a job hunt

Keep track of jobs you’re interested in by sending the web address of a job listing in an email to Type the job title and company into the email subject. The body of the email can just be the web address of the job listing. You’ll receive an email back with a list of the jobs you’ve saved and next actions for each.


When you send an achievement, networking, or job hunt email, HuntHelper automatically sets up a reminder for you to take further action. For achievements, the reminder is to add another achievement in 1 week. For networking, the reminder is to follow up with your contacts. And for a job hunt, the reminder is to follow up and stay active. HuntHelper will send other reminders as well, depending on your goals. If you want to grow your network, HuntHelper can send reminders to add new people to your network. For achievements, HuntHelper can remind you to add details and link them to jobs and skills. Read more in the Reminders guide.