HuntHelper Guides


Grow and strengthen your network

HuntHelper helps manage your career relationships. While we can't improve your relationships, we can keep you organized, remind you to stay connected with helpful people, and store important notes from your conversations with your contacts.

Your HuntHelper Network

HuntHelper saves email addresses and other information about your contacts. You can add contacts by opening your Network hunt and using the Add contact button. For each contact, HuntHelper sets a reminder to connect with them later.

Adding People to Your Network

HuntHelper isn't an address book or social network. HuntHelper networking works best when you carefully curate the people you add to your network, rather than try to add everyone you've ever met. Your HuntHelper network should have a handful of close friends and associates (your inner circle) and a larger group of people on the periphery of your network.

Create a Diverse Network

HuntHelper supports various contact types. A good network has diverse contacts in different categories, each adding unique benefits.

Cultivating Your Network

Building a network takes effort. Whether you're a natural or not, remember these three keys:

  • Give to get - Offer value to your network. This increases the chance they'll think of you when opportunities arise.
  • In-person is better - Face-to-face meetings build stronger relationships than emails. Try to meet for coffee, lunch, or a walk and talk.
  • Be clear - If you add someone to your HuntHelper network, let them know why. Make sure they understand your goals and you understand theirs.

Removing People from Your Network

Changes in your career or social circles may require you to update your network. To remove a contact, open your Network from your dashboard, and delete the contact using the Actions menu.