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Skill Charts

A Skill Chart helps you prepare for interviews. It's a table that lists your skills, related achievements, and contacts who can confirm your skills. You can match your Skill Chart with a job's required skills to decide which achievements to highlight in your resume and interviews. It also helps you choose the best references for the job.

Linking Skills and Achievements

To create a Skill Chart, save some skills and achievements in HuntHelper. Check the Skills guide and the Achievements guide for more details. After saving skills and achievements, click My Skill Chart in the HuntHelper menu. Initially, you'll see your saved skills. You can also view your Skill Chart by achievement or by reference (network contact).

To link a skill to an achievement, click Actions next to the skill, then Edit Skill Achievements. This lets you choose the achievements that show that skill. You can also link skills to achievements from the By Achievement view. Either way, your Skill Chart updates in both views.

To link contacts, use the By Achievement or By Reference view. Skills and references are linked through achievements. Click Actions next to the achievement, then Edit Achievement Skills. This lets you choose the contacts related to that achievement. You can also link contacts to achievements from the By Reference view.

Using Your Skill Chart

Customizing Resumes

Use your Skill Chart to customize resumes for jobs. Match job skills with your chart skills. Include achievements that show these skills in your resume.

Preparing for Interviews

Use your Skill Chart to get ready for interviews. Review job skills and related achievements. Have examples ready to show you have the needed skills.

HuntHelper Premium subscribers can auto-create a resume and cover letter for a job. The more detailed the job description, the better the customization can be. The custom resume will show achievements that prove these skills. This saves time when applying for many jobs and helps you stand out by showing you have the needed skills. Be sure to review the customized resume and cover letter for mistakes as this is still an experimental feature.