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Reminder Guide

How to add and manage your reminders

Reminders are HuntHelper’s main way of keeping you on track. When you start managing your career in HuntHelper, it’s important to continue to work on some aspect of your career regularly. Especially early in the process, it’s easy to get caught up in the demands of your job and forget to record an accomplishment or follow up with a friend. That’s why HuntHelper will send you reminder emails periodically. We’ll remind you to record a career accomplishment, contact your teammate to set up a lunch meeting, or send a followup email to a recruiter.

Setting up reminders

Reminders are set up automatically when you start a job hunt, save an achievement, or add a contact to your network. When you archive a hunt, decline a job, or remove a contact from your network, reminders will be turned off automatically for that item.

Pausing reminders

If you’re going on vacation or just taking a break from working on your career, you may not want to get reminder emails from HuntHelper. You can pause reminders by clicking the “Pause reminders” link which can be found at the bottom of each reminder email. By default, reminders will be paused for 2 weeks, however you can change this once you click the link.

Reminder settings

HuntHelper has some default times set for each how often to send you reminders. These reminders can be customized to your needs. To change your reminder settings, login to the website and select Settings from the Hunter menu. The reminder times for each type of networking category, jobs, and achievements can be changed in the settings window.