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Job Guide

How to add and manage job listings

Adding a job to HuntHelper is as easy as sending an email to When you send a job link to HuntHelper, you will receive an email back with a list of all of the jobs you've added to your job hunt so far.

Job status

When you add a new job, you'll notice the job has a status of Bookmarked. The status of a job allows you to track what actions you have taken on a job. When you add a job and receive an email back with the jobs in your hunt, each job will have a button for its next action, and to decline it. Clicking the next action button will change the status of the job.

A job you're interested in but haven't taken any action on. Next action: Submit Application
Once you apply to a job (either through a recruiter, company web site, or job search site), you can move it's status to applied. Next action: Schedule Interview
After you have applied and you are offered an interview, move the status to interviewing. Next action: Receive Offer
Once you have an offer, you can negotiate terms before you sign an employment contract. Next action: Accept Offer
Congratulations, you have a new job!
If you decide not to pursue a job or you haven't heard back in a while, you can decline the job. When a job's status becomes declined, you will no longer receive reminders for it.