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The HuntHelper Method

The HuntHelper Method is a set of strategies and tools to give you more control over your career. Our career philosophy is to spend a little bit of time every week or so to do one or two beneficial things for your career. Over time, this adds up to make a huge impact on your life. A small raise could add up to an extra half-million dollars in salary (or more!) over the course of your career. It can put the data in your hands to confidently ask for whatever it is you want at work, because you'll be able to show your value to your employer. It even has the potential to turn a dead end grind into an enjoyable part of your day. Imagine how your life could be different if you had complete control over your career. The HuntHelper method gives you the tools to take that control. Whatever your exact goal is - whether it's a promotion, a new job, a raise, or just to be happier at work - the HuntHelper method can help you get there.

Career Strategies

Strategy #1 - Build your network

You might be surprised that your network is the first item on a list of career strategies. But study after study shows that your personal networks affect your life in ways you may not even realize. From getting a job, to how happy you are, your physical and mental health, even how long you'll live - your relationships can affect all of these. So building up a strong network will improve your life and your career.

Strategy #2 - Set your career goals

The first part should be easy - think about what you want and write it down. Then, think about a few ways to get you there. Use your network to help you find out what your next steps should be.

Strategy #3 - Track and organize your career data

Each week or so, you'll record something you achieved at work. Every month, every quarter, or however often you want, you can compile your weekly wins into big picture achievements, which you can share with your network and turn into powerful proof of your skills and accomplishments.

Strategy #4 - Tell your story

Turning your career into a story makes it easier for people - whether they're your manager, someone interviewing you, or even your peers - to understand where you're going in your career. A well-crafted story lets people know why you're the right person to promote, or the right person to hire, or the right person to invest in, date, give an award to - whatever you're hunting for. HuntHelper's tools - and the help of your network - can turn your career data into an irresistable story with the only ending that makes any sense being you achieveing your career goals.

Strategy #5 - Prove it

All talk and no results is a recipe for career crash and burn. That's why you also need to continue to grow in your career. Not all strategies are created the same, and when it comes to personal growth, picking the right strategy can mean the difference between being average and becoming a star. We've done the research to pick out the most effective tools for you to become the outstanding performer you know you can be.

Strategy #6 - Career Kaizen

The Japanese word "kaizen" means constant improvement. In business, it has become a specific process that has been used successfully to transform companies, most famously Toyota's manufacturing process. At HuntHelper, we believe kaizen can be applied to your career. Many people try to sell products and services that will instantly change your life for the better. Most of the time, those promises are empty. The HuntHelper method is based on the principle of kaizen, which is why you'll get weekly reminders to do small amounts of work on your career.

Strategy #7 - Make career success a habit

If you want to make a lasting improvement on your career, you'll have to continue to work on it. This strategy is related to the previous one, since continuous improvement requires continuous effort. When you do this work over and over again, week by week, the effort required by you will become less and less, until eventually, the behavior becomes automatic. Career improvement will become a habit and you can rake in the rewards without feeling like you're putting in that much work.

Putting them all together

Each of these strategies on their own can be beneficial to your career. Putting them together is the HuntHelper magic. You may already be awesome in one or many of these strategies. And if you're already good at all of them, well, you probably don't need HuntHelper (but please let us know if you're looking for a job! 😉)